Kenny Davidsen

Composer, Singer, Pianist, Music Director


"Francesca is a unique talent.  She has a tremendous range of material that ranges from R&B to opera, with an ability to switch genres effortlessly.  And she connects to everything she sings, with a commanding presence that is instant the minute she takes the stage.  As a musician who has collaborated with hundreds of singers, I can say with ease that Francesca is a dream to work with."




Marc N. Jacobs

Associate Artistic Director- American Musical Theatre of San Jose

Co-Director- Music Theatre Conservatory, Belmont, CA. 


"Francesca Camus takes charge of an audience the moment she walks on stage, wraps them in her arms, and takes them on an emotional journey that comes straight from her heart. She is a true artist with a voice like chocolate velvet and a style, delivery and honesty that is up there with  greats."



David Mckee

Managing Editor - LasVegasAdvisor.com

​"A few years back, I attended a performance of 'Rent' and I found that I simply had to know who the lead chorister with the outstanding voice and musicianship was. It turned out to be Francesca Camus and her name has equaled 'quality' ever since. Not only does she exude sex appeal and charm, her vocal stylings are a highlight of any show in which she appears, as is her versatility. If there's anything she *can't* do, I've yet to hear it. Francesca is a constant wellspring of joy to her listeners."



Chris Felix


"Francesca is an absolute dream to work with. From being professional and efficient in her craft to capturing every eye and ear with her knock out showmanship, Francesca is the complete package. She is able to take the simplest type of appearance and turn it into something much more grand.  You'll have to witness her yourself to truly understand what a remarkable presence she has."

Matt Murphy

Drummer/Band Leader

M2 Entertainment

"Francesca and I have had the opportunity to work together on several occasions, spanning many different genres of music.  Her unique ability to traverse through several diverse styles of music is nothing short of amazing.  She commands the stage with her incredible presence and heavenly voice.   It is an honor to know her both personally and professionally."